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" We are using Mentornity for our Performance System and Mentoring Program at Toyota. For both programs, Mentornity has become an aid for us and help us through the digitalization of these two processes. Whenever we need an update or an enhancement for the system, all the Mentornity team immediately solved our issues and made all updates for us. "

Serra H.

Senior HR Specialist


" This system allows you the organizational development for mentoring and coaching programs with the best. It allows you to interact with mentors and specialists in your areas of interest, making it a seedbed of knowledge for the growth of your company. It is very versatile when scheduling meetings with the mentors who are registered. "

Cristina Marcano L.

E-Coach Senior

ILC Academy

At the #HackTheCurve Easter Hackathon this weekend, a crucial platform that enabled us to organize the mentoring for the hackers was Mentornity. We at Hacking Health Berlin and I personally are very grateful to Mentornity for their support, and will be providing input on hackathon-specific needs and features.

Anastasiya L.


Hacking Health Berlin

I was matched with an amazing mentor for my PM career and he shared a lot of his past experiences with me. He proactively offered help and guided me through my career decisions at different stages. I don't think I could grow so much without his support and mentorship.

See more : helpyourpeers.com

Henry H.

Program Manager


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Mentoring has a two-way street of benefits for both parties, the mentor and mentee. But more importantly it has its benefits to companies.

Mentorship is a relationship in which a more experienced or more knowledgeable person helps to guide a less experienced or less knowledgeable person. 

Mentoring has a myriad of benefits. A good mentoring process can lead to greater career successes which can includes promotions raises and increased opportunities.

Mentoring and coaching are often confused with each other, even though they are related they are not the same.

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